On some places in the world the availability of certain fresh food items may be not or hardly to get. Or you just want to organise a Dutch food festival. In that cases International Distributor’s ”Fresh & Frozen” services may be of help to you. In the list below you will find frozen products as (pork) meat, vegetables, and a large assortment of snacks as well as fresh dairy products as cheeses, butter, yoghurt and other delicacies. Of course you may combine this with the wide supermarket assortment of Albert Heyn which you will find also on this website.
It stands to reason that these items must be sent by shortest way of airfreight. ID’s warehouses provided with large cool and freeze compartments are only 30 minutes away from Schiphol Airport. ID will find out the best possible freight carrier and on the date of dispatch we will fax to you a copy of the invoice and airway bill enabling you to arrange clearance on time at you end.
Shortly before departure time of the aircraft ID will pack the frozen food in polysterine boxes together with dry ice. Dry ice keeps things frozen for at least 48 hours. Fresh and frozen goods will be packed separately on one or more pallets. The pallet(s) will be firmly wrapped by white shrinkfoil, which helps to reflect the sunbeams.
Just select your order from this website and ask for a Pro Forma invoice first. Within 24 hours we will let you know the estimation of costs to get the goods at the place of destination including packing, freight and insurance costs. After receipt of your confirmation we will go ahead with the shipment. Flight details with copy of airway bill and invoice will be sent to you by fax before arrival of the goods at your place.
We strongly advise you to order by group. All airliners work with minimum rate and costs per kilo reduces the more weight you offer them. So group orders work out more economical for everybody. We still can provide you with separate invoices for each individual order. The overall costs of packing, shipping and insurance will be apportioned on the basis of weight and volume of the relevant part-order.