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Ordering from Abroad


All the items from our website may also be ordered from abroad.

You can print out the shopping list first to check before you definitely order. You have also the possibility to save your shopping list and continue later. Follow the instructions on our website.



Substitutes, yes or no

If any item you have ordered is (temporarily) unavailable, an equivalent product will be supplied. This may be the case, for example, with supermarket items. If this is not acceptable, please tick the "no substitute" box.


Packing, shipping and insurance

If you are ordering from abroad, ID will take care of the packing, shipping and insurance arrangements. Depending on the mode of transport, by air, land or sea, appropriate packing will be chosen, for example triwall box pallets or seaworthy chests. We also arrange "all-risks" transit insurance so that the goods are insured against theft of damage during transport to their destination.


Group order

Where a group order is placed by the same destination, the constituent orders can be packed and marked with the individual customer's names. Separate invoices can also be made out for each individual order. The overall costs of packing, shipping and insurance being apportioned on the basis of the weight and volume of the relevant part-order.